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Our Capabilities

We are wireless specialists with extensive technical background in radio frequency (RF), wireless protocols and embedded firmware. LogiCom has the specialty skills and in-house tools to undertake quality proof-of-concept work.

Prototyping (Proof of Concept Work)

  • Defining scope of work (requirements gathering)
  • Project management
  • Radio frequency (RF) design, simulation and testing
  • Hardware design, simulation and testing
  • Firmware design, coding and testing
  • Engineering validation build (printed circuit board [PCB] manufacture, assembly, testing)
  • System testing
  • Production software/hardware/firmware/RF design and support
  • Troubleshooting tools and support
  • Regulatory, compliance pre-certification test support 

Speciality Skills

  • Contract manufacturer production support 
  • Radio frequency design (Microwave Office, Agilent Genesys)
  • Schematics/PCB hardware design (Protel, Orcad, PADs)
    • 3D step models
  • Firmware design (C/C++ and assembly)
    • IAR compilers for ARM7, NEC78 and Sitel CRC16
    • Keil compilers for 8051, ARM Cortex-M cores
    • ICC compiler for Atmel AVR
    • QNX real-time RTOS
    • Microchip PIC (10, 12 ,16,18 and 24)
    • DSPs TI - 67xx 64xx
  • Software design (C++ and C#)
    • Visual Studio .NET
    • USB driver development
  • Digital signal processing - Digital Audio Broadcast (AAC, MP3, DVI)
  • Hardware re-work
  • Interoperability testing
  • Worked with following standards:
    • 802.11 a, abg, n
    • USB low speed/full speed
    • Bluetooth Classic/LE
    • Xbox 360 wireless
    • RFID and NFC
    • Xbox One wireless
  • GSM, CDMA, CT2, WDECT, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies

In-House Tools

  • Radio frequency and hardware test capability:
    • 6GHz spectrum analyzer
    • 6GHz network analyzer
    • Mixed signal oscilloscope
    • RF attenuators
    • Shielded boxes
    • Power meter
    • Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyser
    • RPM Systems Corp. Root 2 USB 2.0 Test Host





The Logicom team provides us with engineering skills of the highest standard....

- Kurt Nielson, Engineering Director Microsoft


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